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Ralph Froning
CrossFit Athlete

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Mark Fraser
CrossFit Athlete

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Brian Smith
CrossFit Athlete

What Our Clients Say


Hi Jillian,

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and everyone at the studio for what you do. Both of my girls were nervous about trying dance this year and they both are loving it. I am certain that is a testament to the hard work and love that you and your Team put in every class. I am so appreciative of the little moments that you take to help tie a shoe, pass along a helpful tidbit, or just say hi and put a smile on the kids faces out in the waiting room. With so many students and such limited time, it says a lot that you can make them feel seen and special. You and Rob do a fantastic job making students (and parents) feel welcome. I also cannot say enough good things about Latisha. Her teaching, her energy, and her patience with the littles – she is wonderful! I am looking forward to watching my girls grow with the DDD family. Thank you again!

DDD Family - fall 2022

Our 6 year old daughter had her first dance class last night and I cannot say enough great things about DDD. Jill was very helpful and made us feel comfortable. Our daughter tends to be on the shy side and Jill was sure to make her feel important and empowered. We look forward to this dance season and hope it’s something our daughter will continue on with.

DDD Family - fall 2022

“Our daughter has been attending classes at DuHadway Dance Studio for fourteen years.  Eight of those years, she has been on the Elite Competition Team.  Traveling and competing with her team have been very rewarding for Abby. Performing has given her confidence and poise that transcends beyond the stage and into her personal life.  Putting herself in the vulnerable position of being judged has increased Abby’s inner strength to accept and cope with the joys and disappointments that life inevitably offers.

Just as important are the benefits of dance in her day to day classes at the studio. Through dance, Abby’s visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning skills have been enhanced to increase focus and maintain attention in all areas of instruction.  Dance has also strengthened Abby’s cardiovascular, flexibility, and muscular capabilities.  Another advantage of being a dancer is the self discipline Abby has had to acquire to  manage her time between school, dance and work.

Although, dance for the sake of dance has certainly blessed our daughter’s life in more ways than we could ever mention, we more importantly value the magnitude of life skills that Abby will take beyond DuHadway Dance Studio into her adult life.”

D. Postema and J. Postema

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your dedication and determination to make Duhadway Dance Dimensions an awesome studio. I thought this year’s recital was one of the best! The photographs turned out great with no hassles and loved having them back before recital. Costumes look fabulous and the help with alterations was most appreciated, as finding time to sew can be most challenging. The backdrop on stage made for awesome pictures and the fact that you honored my request for front row seats made the recital all that much more exciting!

I was also pleasantly surprised by the phone call I received Friday morning from Jillian, reminding me I didn’t have to come early since Rylyn was in one of the later dances. Those small touches truly do have a positive effect on me and my daughter. Rylyn is talking about trying out for the Elite Team and is beyond doubt excited about dancing. You are doing a great job.

In this fast-paced world it is easy to question yourself at times and wonder if in fact, your hard work is worth the effort – I just wanted you to know it is! Thank you again for a fabulous year of dance.”

C. Hrabal
Former Dance Mom – Breckenridge

“Dear DuHadways – Thanks again for another fabulous Triple D production. Kudos on another weekend of dance performances that prove the value of dance at your studio.

Here are a few other things we loved:

1. The backdrop on the stage was fabulous.

2. The Wizard of Oz production was great – particularly loved Becca on the bike with the kid seat on the back ala Peanuts Rerun. But your Dorothy, TinMan, and Scarecrow were fantastic and both of your Lions were great!

3. Paint it Black and Simply irresistible were awesome, awesome, awesome.

4. It was lovely seeing Jerry this year, maybe next year he’ll do a little dance?

5. Jill, you are an absolute inspiration. I was so excited to see you doing the hip hop moves and that crazy standing on your neck move.

6. Thanks for the etiquette notes on the other performances, it seemed to help from where I sat Sunday.

7. Bird. Tutu. Need I say more?

8. Thanks for no insanity at rehearsal. I love the atmosphere of what it is, what it is ( unlike other places where rehearsal becomes an elongated attempt at “perfection”). You keep it fun and moving.

9. The senior dances were really fun to watch. Thanks for letting Kim do such an original and moving tribute for hers. 10. And for all the really hard work you do all year that  only culminates at recital time. Thanks for great teachers, a roomy and homey facility, and an overall great atmosphere for dance. Congratulations.”

J. Brown
Former Dance Mom

“Words cannot express how impressed and how appreciative I am with your organization. It has been three years since my daughters have been with you guys. I have gone from complimenting you guys for having a studio that stands up to the “big city” studios that I have (reluctantly) attended the recitals of my nieces, to realizing that you are second to NONE.

I have consistently heard you both defer credit to each other, your staff or others. But I am here to say “Thank You” to each of you individually or what YOU each personally do for this community. You better each sleep well at night because you have nailed life. Our community is so indebted to your efforts and love for what you do. I can truly say I was STUNNED to the point of the hair sticking up on the back of my neck when an otherwise EXCELLENT performance of the Wizard of Oz continued into Derrick & the Dominoes. Truly, truly brilliant. That alone clearly demonstrates the personal touch you put into your art. Not just a seminal classic tune, but a perfect fit to the main theme of the dance. Thanks.

One thing, however. Your program needs the following disclaimer: “Warning, the following program may bring grown men to tears.” Either that or eliminate dances such as Wizard and Storm, and stop fulfilling the lifelong dreams of handicapped children by helping them be a star for a night. Nuff said.”

D. Buschle
Dance Dad

“Duhadway Dance Dimensions is more than just a “dance studio”.  They offer so many opportunities and competitions to help the dancers build self-esteem, confidence and dance skills. Their dance studio provides enjoyment, a team spirit, keeps their body and brain active, and the body improves in strength, flexibility, and balance. The dancers make friends with others of the same interests in a ‘safe environment.”

M. and J. Neitzel
Grandparents – Alma

“DuHadway Dance Dimensions provides numerous opportunities for my daughter to express her passion for dance. She is able to take classes weekly taught by Jillian, as well as classes taught by her dedicated staff, guest artists brought to the studio, and by teachers at conventions, competitions, and performance opportunities.

DDD is part of our family and supports my daughter’s drive and need to dance. The countless hours of their opening of the doors so my daughter can dance outside of class time as a way to clear her head, think things through, and independently practice has become her safe place.

DDD’s philosophy and approach to achieve one’s best and to work together as a team is the message and work ethic I want my daughter to have as she prepares to enter adulthood in a few years.

Being a high school teacher and coach, I cannot thank the DuHadways enough for challenging my daughter. They continuously provide her opportunities to both succeed and fail while encouraging her to reflect and improve.”

L. Parsons
Teacher/Coach – Alma

“Three of my children have attended DuHadway.  Through dance, I have watched their confidence soar.  Not only have they used dance as a creative outlet, but also as a way to express their emotions without using words.  They frequently put on shows in our living room and are proud to show off their moves at weddings and parties.  The teachers are so positive and fun, but also teach the techniques needed.  I highly recommend DDD to anyone whose child shows an interest in dance.  I promise you that that interest will turn into a passion!”

S. Bonacci
Business Owner – Alma

“Over 13 years ago our oldest daughter wanted to dance but we asked ourselves “How would this help her in life?”. We enrolled her in basketball and other school activities but she kept telling us she wanted to dance.  We started looking around and were referred to DuHadway Dance Dimensions.  Little did we know that first day we walked her into tap class would change our lives.

Today that little girl is a junior in college and the amazing adult she has become is not only a reflection on our family, but on her studio family as well.  In addition to developing irreplaceable friendships, she is a strong, independent, confident person.  Her time in dance was not simply about plies and pirouettes but about commitment, dedication, problem solving and perseverance.  On top of all this our family became part of the family at DuHadway Dance Dimensions which includes the staff and other dance families.

We are now enjoying watching our younger daughter grow as a member of our second family at dance.  My husband and I are very lucky to have found DuHadway Dance Dimensions.”

T. Avery
Executive Director in Lansing-Perrinton

“The children who attend DuHadway Dance Dimensions for dance lessons receive more than just an education in dance, they also receive an education in civic responsibility and service to their communities. The staff, dancers, and the parents of DuHadway Dance Dimensions are truly doing their part to make Gratiot County a better place to live and work, and to help improve the lives of children and their families.  The DuHadway team works hard to share their love of dance with hundreds of students, and when a child has a special need they don’t hesitate to accommodate the student and their family to make their dance experience the best one possible.”

A. Stahl
Executive Director, Child Advocacy of Gratiot County

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