Young Children & Ballet

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Ballet Classes in Alma, MI

Young Children & Ballet

  • RHYTHM I (3-year-olds)
  • RHYTHM II (4-year-olds)
  • RHYTHM III (5-year-olds)

We offer a diverse curriculum for dancers ages 3 to 5. Our rhythm development program is a ballet based program for preschool and kindergarten age students. It develops large and small motor skills while introducing basic ballet concepts using songs and dances that young children can understand. We reinforce the concepts of right and left, colors, number recognition, waiting for your turn and other basic social skills along with our time-tested dance skill-building program.


Pre-Ballet – ages 6 to 8

Ballet – ages 8 & Up


Our pre-ballet program is designed for students ages 6 to 8 and continues to build on the skills introduced in our RHYTHM program OR new students may join into a class with other beginners. The same curriculum is followed for both returning and new students; however, a slower pace will be taken for those who are just being introduced to ballet.


For students ages 8 and up, DDD offers an extensive background into classical ballet. Students typically attend classes once per week and are given a firm foundation in the art of ballet and ballet technique. We have found that our students are admitted to camps and college programs by audition and are complimented on the strong ballet background they were given at DuHadway. Interested students can pursue Cecchetti graded exams which require multiple technique classes per week and intensive summer study. After completing the necessary prerequisites, students can move on to pointe work which is the essence of ballet. Although we will not turn away a student if they do not wish to take ballet, it is strongly recommended since ballet is the foundation of all other forms of dance.